Meet the Team

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Dr. Michelle



Almost everyone wants to be healthy.  Most people don’t know how to make that happen.  More prescriptions and drugs are not the answer.  Surgeries aren’t the answer.  Information on the internet is confusing and conflicting.  As a nation we’re ranked 37th in health compared with the rest of the world!    It will take a lot to get our nation healthier and people don’t know where to look for true information.

Why am I here?  Because it starts with one person.  Why do I practice chiropractic?  To provide a path for individuals and families to follow to TRUE HEALTH – healing from the inside out.  To give people hope that they can gain their health back.  To inspire you to live the life you’ve been dreaming about.  To guide, to coach, to motivate, and most of all, to empower you.

I come to work every day so we can build healthier families, a healthier community, and a better nation.  You are born to be healthy.  Come, let me show you how.



Health is a big part of everyone’s lives.  As a child I knew I wanted help others. After changing my major from teaching to business, I finally decided that majoring in Health Service Administration was going to be my way of helping people.

As the ‘Service’ side of Health Service Administration, I want to help serve patients and my community directly, rather than sitting behind a desk and being in the background.

Working at Chico Spine & Wellness has definitely set me in the right direction in helping others become healthy.  I continue to learn new things every day about the benefits of being adjusted.  Then I take what I’ve learned and help spread the information with new patients, continuing patients, and close family and friends.  I can tell this is just the beginning of my contribution to helping others. 

One of my favorite things is hearing people’s success stories. I love to watch our patients grow and blossom!  I feel like I’m a part of their life.  I hear a lot of our patients say that getting adjusted is the best part of their day and I’m blessed to be a part of that.

When I’m not at work or at school, I am most likely enjoying my spare time with friends and family, or at home relaxing and reading a good book. 


People like to comment that Langley won the Dog Lottery.

After being abused and abandoned, she was rescued in New Mexico, just west of the Texas border.  She was about seven months old, covered in ticks and fleas, and visibly emaciated.  She needed some LOVE!

Langley spent the next three months with Dr. Michelle’s parents and their dog pack in New Mexico.  During a family visit in July 2011, Dr. Michelle met Langley for the first time and it was puppy love at first sight! 

You’ll often see Langley out and about in Chico with Dr. Michelle.  People frequently ask, “What type of dog is Langley?”  She is part Great Dane and part Plott Hound.  A unique mix that creates a beautiful coat and a healthy attitude.

Most of Langley’s days are spent lounging around the office, laying in the courtyard in the sunshine, or  greeting patients.  Langley has been trained as a Therapy Dog and although sometimes timid at first, she is very friendly and loves to be around people.  She has become the official Mascot of Chico Spine & Wellness.  Give her a cookie next time you’re in the office and she’ll wag her tail to say “Thanks!”