Healthy Immune Boost!

There are more bugs, germs, bacteria, and viruses in our environment than we could ever expect to protect against… from the outside.  Meaning – we can’t live in a bubble to protect ourselves.  Good news! Our bodies are designed to protect us from the inside! 

As we enter the fall/winter season, where colds seem to be more prevalent, here are some things you can do to naturally boost your immune system:

Our supplement of the week is Echinacea-C by Standard Process.  It supports the development of healthy white blood cells and an efficient immune system.

Stock up on some other disease-fighting, immune-boosting supplements: Elderberry, Garlic, Sovereign Silver, Epimune Complex by Standard Process.

Reduce or eliminate sugar.  Disease processes feed on sugar.  By decreasing the sugar in your diet, you’re literally starving the bugs!  Bye, bye bugs…

Drink lots of water!  When the weather changes and it gets cooler outside, it can be hard to remember to drink lots of water.  During the fall and winter months, our bodies still need just as much water to continually clean and flush the bugs and toxins out of our system.  Rule of thumb: drink half your body weight in ounces of water.

Spend time creating more peace in your life: meditate, laugh, read.  Our bodies can’t be in a healing mode and a defense mode at the same time.  When our lives are stressful, we’re in a defense mode and that limits our immune system function.  By creating time each day for peace, you’re allowing your immune system to thrive.

Get lots of quality sleep.  Prime time for your immune system is while you’re sleeping.  Every night, your immune system runs a deep scan of your entire body looking for any intruders.  Without quality sleep, your immune system won’t find all the bugs.  Quantity of sleep is important.  Good quality sleep is critical.  It means you’re literally waking up in a healthier state.

Get adjusted!  Your immune system is also controlled by your nervous system.  Getting adjusted gives your body an immune boost!  Chiropractic adjustments to the upper cervical spine have a direct neurological improvement of the innate immune system.  Feeling under the weather? Come in for your immune boosting adjustment!!

Start now.  Start boosting your immune system now.  It’s never too soon to be getting healthier.  Wouldn’t you agree?