AquaAlert App: Reminders to Stay Hydrated

One of the first things most people forget to do is to stay hydrated. We get busy, we get caught up in having fun, or we simply forget to drink water. There are many other beverages out there that do taste pretty delicious, but there is nothing better for your body than water. 

We are fortunate to have so many amazing patients who share with us things that work, and things that could help others. Here is an app presented to us by one of our patients that use it themselves. They have been able to set up reminders to drink water, and they love it. 

If you are looking for something to help you remember to drink water and stay hydrated, here is an app we found on the Apple App Store ( and the Google Store (

If you have any questions about the importance of hydration and your health, please do not be afraid to ask Dr. Michelle.