Do you belong to a women's group, church group, daycare center, fitness club or any other organization?  Do you need to start a health initiative in your workplace? If so, we would love to come to your group’s location or use our office space for a FREE talk!  Cooped up in the car? Stuck in an airplane? Remember these easy tips to help keep your nervous system in check & enjoy your trip!!!

      Keep moving: Every 20 minutes while you are in the car change you posture! Move you seat forward and back, change the position of your seat back.  If you have an adjustable lumbar change it too.

      Traveling by air? Don’t despair: Bring a sweatshirt or light jacket on your trip.  Fold the shirt under your thighs while sitting or place it behind your lower back.  Do this frequently during your trip to help relieve muscle tension associated with travel.    

      Use Pillows: Most hotels or even staying at a friend’s house can prove to be uncomfortable when you are sleeping. Make sure you use 1 to 2 pillows under your knees (when lying on you back) or between your knees (when on your side). Also remember, that your pillow should equal the thickness of your shoulder. So, this is the ONLY time that we may tell you to stack two pillows together to equal this thickness and when possible take your own pillow with you!

      Take a hot shower: Hopefully you are already showering when you are on vacation. But if not, this one will do the trick. Take time to stand under warm water with it hitting the top part of you upper back. This will temporarily relieve tension and relax the body. This extra five minutes in the shower could greatly improve how you start your day!

      Water! Water! Water: The rules don’t change. Drink half your body weight in ounces. However, if you are at a high altitude or somewhere extremely hot or cold, you will need to increase the amount of water you drink. Also, if you are at an all-inclusive and find that you are imbibing a bit too much the water will keep you on track to enjoying that vacation. We are fairly certain that our practice members don’t do this, but we want to make sure you are armed in all situations.

      Don’t forget the greens: It is easy to travel and lose track of your eating habits. Make sure you have your veggies and strive for some balance in your eating.

     Bonus: Relax and enjoy the trip. You deserve this time off so enjoy it, have fun and know that you will be missed.