Back Pack Size Snacks

Life sure can be busy!  However, with a little bit of planning you can make sure your body is still receiving the fuel it needs throughout the day, even when we are at our busiest! I like to recommend protein rich snacks. Protein is well utilized by your body, providing it with a variety of necessary tools it needs to keep you energized! 

  • Pick up a variety of mixed nuts, seeds and dried fruit.  Bag them yourself to create your own favorite trail mix. 
  • Eat a single serving of fruit with a serving of peanut butter or cheese. 
  • Pick up your favorite box of protein bars at the grocery store.  Just make sure you check the sugar content on the label.  Try and keep it as low as possible, same goes for granola bars.
  • The incredible egg! Hard boil a few for your week and make a sandwich out of them or just sprinkle your favorite seasoning on top and eat it as is.
  • Make your own hummus! (Garbanzo beans, olive oil, fresh garlic and roasted red peppers is my favorite recipe. Use a blender or food processor to mix.) Grab your favorite veggies and enjoy! 
  • Make a dip to eat with your favorite veggies.  I found some great pre-made herb mixes made locally through S&S produce. I buy full fat sour cream with the good probiotics as my base. 
  • Create your own parfait with plain yogurt (Greek or regular) and chopped up fruit of your choice then sprinkle some mixed nuts/seeds on top.
  • Cook up some extra turkey or chicken one night and then take some slices with you the following day.  Eat as is or roll them up in some lettuce for a wrap!