Mental Health

A month ago, I traveled to Orange County to help move my grandma into an Independent Living Center for seniors.  Let me tell you, it was WAY overdue! 
She had lost her wallet three times in one month.  She frequently told me she forgot to eat all day so she was having a quesadilla for dinner.  And most concerning, her short term memory was fading.
I don’t know about you, but that’s not how I want to age.  So often I hear people say, “I don’t have control over how I age,” or “It’s genetics, so I’ll probably end up just like my grandparents.”  Really?? 
Let me inform you my friend, those statements could not be farther from the truth! 
Research today shows that you DO have control over how you age!  There are many factors that control your aging.  One of the most important ones is epigenetics.  Epigenetics is the change in genes and their expression because of external or environmental factors.  To put is simply – what you eat, think, and do changes the way your genes are expressed in your body! 
In January 1998, a study on chickens was published in SPINE, the most renowned medical journal on the spine and spinal cord.  The experiment was to determine what happens in the brain stem when a thrust (or adjustment) is placed in the lower neck.  Not only did the researchers find amazing increase in neurological activity, an unexpected result was discovered!  The nerve cells in the chicken changed their genetic expression to reflect more positive, healthy outcome and increased longevity. 
What does all this mean for you?  The chiropractic care you’re getting has a direct, positive influence on gene expression.  The genes that promote health and longevity are turned on when you get a chiropractic adjustment.  And guess what, the more regularly you get adjusted, the more positive genes turn on!
Now, is all hope lost for my grandma?  Nope.  She started eating three (quality) squares a day, interacting with lots of people, playing bingo, and catching a ride to the chiropractor once a week.  In just one month, her cognition has noticeably improved! 
So, myth to rest – you are not your genes.  You are your epigenetics!