What to Expect

Our approach is simple. 


We listen to you.  We test you for deficiencies and toxicities.  We help customize your food choices and recipes.  We collaborate with you to determine your body's nutritional needs.  We help you Reach Your Potential.


On your initial visit, we'll spend 45-60 minutes, diving deep into your health challenges and performing a nutritional examination. 


Before you leave, we'll review your results with you, including a functional nutrition plan designed just for you.  This will include dietary recommendations and a whole food supplement regimen to address the deficiencies and/or toxicities that are barriers to your healing.


Follow up visits occur every 2 weeks and are approximately 15 minutes.  These visits provide an opportunity to check in on your progress, answer your questions, and make any necessary changes so you can continue on your healing journey.


We're here to empower you!  Call or email us today to get started.