Do you know what “stressed” spelled backwards is?


And there’s a lot of both going around right now.  The holidays are flush with activities, parties, meals, prepping and preparing for this, that, and the other.  Down-time becomes a commodity that is almost non-existent.  See if you can relate to how I felt one night…


My body tells me rest.

My mind tells me DO. Pack, prep, wrap presents, cook, stoke the fire, make the appetizers, pack my suitcase.


Just Rest.

But! What about the luncheon tomorrow? What about the appetizers I’m supposed to bring? What about the dinner I need to cook? What about the food in the fridge that will go bad if I don’t make it …tonight?!

Just Rest.

Your body needs you. 

Your body needs you to Rest.

What is my husband going to do for dinner? What about all the food in the fridge? What about the laundry? And what is my husband going to eat for dinner?!


But…when am I going to pack? When am I going to cook? When am I going to …bed.

If you can relate, your next question might be, "Yeah, but what am I going to do about it?"  How about resting.  Literally stopping.  It doesn't have to be for a day, or even an entire afternoon.  What would happen if you actually stopped for just 5 minutes and took time for you? 

It's like a mini personal time-out, just for you.  And you know what I found?  The more regularly I take them, the more beneficial they become.  Almost like they build upon one another. 

What does it look like?  You can take deep breaths, cat-nap, read a magazine, or just sit down (for once!).

Consider these opportunities:

If a 5-minute, mini time-out, allowed you to feel just a smidgen less stressed (or more refreshed) today, would you be more inspired to take one tomorrow? 

How would it feel to not collapse into bed at night? 

Would you enjoy the holidays more if you were less stressed? 

And truly, what would it be like to really start the new year fresh, instead of spending 3 weeks in January recovering from December?

I challenge you to create mini time-outs for you this season, before your body gives out.  The best way to make this happen is to schedule it and make it at a consistent time each day, ie. first thing in the morning, after breakfast, after lunch before heading back to work, after work before starting the house projects and dinner, while dinner’s simmering on the stove, etc.

Allow yourself to de-stress and enjoy the season by taking 5 minutes to absorb it each day.  You can do it, and YOU DESERVE IT.

What's your Plan?

You can't keep doing the same thing and expect different results. - Einstein's definition of insanity.

Each year about October, I start evaluating. I think about how the current year has progressed. I think about where I was this time last year... and most importantly, I think about what is different? What's different this year? What did I do different? How much change did it make? There were years when not much changed from year to year. When January would roll around I would be determined that this year is going to be different and better than last year. I am going to make change, and "make progress"! Then October would come around and I would feel defeated, like I was stuck in the same place as last October.

Here's what I learned:

1. You can't keep doing the same thing and expect different results. (Thank you, Einstein)
2. You have to make a plan - and make a plan for making the plan happen.
3. What gets measured, gets done.
4. Getting started is the hardest part.

I started small. I made 10 objectives for the year, and a plan for those objectives - quarter by quarter. The advice I was given was, "Initially, make them easy enough for you to attain - or you cut your finger off!" It seemed kinda scary, but it was simply a road-map to get from where I am, to where I want to be. And it worked. Those 10 simple, but SMART objectives were created. The plan to accomplish them was created, the plan for the plan was created, and it was broken down so simplistically that I knew what steps I needed to do each week. I tracked them and measured them, and that worked too! My new yearly ritual revolves around these steps. Every October, I begin the review process and set in motion what I can do differently next year to keep moving forward. I WANT to be in a different place each year. Even when things are GREAT... I can reach farther; things can be even BETTER!

Years have gone by since I started using objectives, setting plans, and measuring outcomes. I continue to create them to stretch me more and help expand my reach. Every year I make them a bit harder. I always achieve some pieces of all of my objectives; and occasionally, I don't achieve all of the pieces that make up some of my objectives. But they set a course, keep me focused, and provide the path for me to reach my potential.

As you look forward to next year, do you want to be in the same place this time next year? If
so, that's easy - keep doing what you're doing! If not, it's easy - make a decision to take action, follow these steps, and GET STARTED!

Your imagination is your only limitation in creating the life you deserve. Go get it, and Reach Your Potential!

Transformation Happens

The way you are today is not the way you will always be. The state of the world today is not how things will continue to be.

Every moment of every day, transformation happens. By its very nature, life changes, and you can direct many of those changes.

What kind of transformation would you like to see in your life, in your world? Now is when you can work to put life’s dynamic nature on your side.

In countless ways, in every imaginable situation, transformation happens. Pain is transformed by healing, anger is transformed by forgiveness, despair is transformed by caring.

Throughout history, transformation has improved lives. You can continue the tradition today.

Instead of being resigned to, or content with, the way things are, remind yourself that transformation happens.

Do everything you can to make it happen in a way that is beneficial for all.

How bad do you want it!

I have to admit, it's tough not to get wrapped up in my patients' struggles. Not to wish and hope the best outcome for them, and I do.  But I've learned one of the hardest things is to let their choices be their choices.  My emotional involvement on how you treat your body is this - nil.  It's your choice to treat your one and only body like a junkyard or like a temple.  


Here's the deal - if you truly want to change, I challenge you to shift your perspective of our relationship from doctor-patient to a Wellness Partnership. Whether you want to be pain free, have more mobility, better digestion, or simply enjoy a night out instead of staying at home suffering - together we can make it happen.


But, I can't do it alone.  YOU have to do the work.  I can guide you to where you want to go, and for as long as you want to better yourself.  But I can't do it for you.  


For that reason, my emotional investment is in HOW WELL I guide you.  How good can I be every day for you.  How prepared can I show up every day, so I can answer your questions, give you the next step, encourage you through challenges and successes, inspire you to keep going, and help you truly heal! 


It's your journey, and I'm invested and committed to help you every step of the way.