Do you know what “stressed” spelled backwards is?


And there’s a lot of both going around right now.  The holidays are flush with activities, parties, meals, prepping and preparing for this, that, and the other.  Down-time becomes a commodity that is almost non-existent.  See if you can relate to how I felt one night…


My body tells me rest.

My mind tells me DO. Pack, prep, wrap presents, cook, stoke the fire, make the appetizers, pack my suitcase.


Just Rest.

But! What about the luncheon tomorrow? What about the appetizers I’m supposed to bring? What about the dinner I need to cook? What about the food in the fridge that will go bad if I don’t make it …tonight?!

Just Rest.

Your body needs you. 

Your body needs you to Rest.

What is my husband going to do for dinner? What about all the food in the fridge? What about the laundry? And what is my husband going to eat for dinner?!


But…when am I going to pack? When am I going to cook? When am I going to …bed.

If you can relate, your next question might be, "Yeah, but what am I going to do about it?"  How about resting.  Literally stopping.  It doesn't have to be for a day, or even an entire afternoon.  What would happen if you actually stopped for just 5 minutes and took time for you? 

It's like a mini personal time-out, just for you.  And you know what I found?  The more regularly I take them, the more beneficial they become.  Almost like they build upon one another. 

What does it look like?  You can take deep breaths, cat-nap, read a magazine, or just sit down (for once!).

Consider these opportunities:

If a 5-minute, mini time-out, allowed you to feel just a smidgen less stressed (or more refreshed) today, would you be more inspired to take one tomorrow? 

How would it feel to not collapse into bed at night? 

Would you enjoy the holidays more if you were less stressed? 

And truly, what would it be like to really start the new year fresh, instead of spending 3 weeks in January recovering from December?

I challenge you to create mini time-outs for you this season, before your body gives out.  The best way to make this happen is to schedule it and make it at a consistent time each day, ie. first thing in the morning, after breakfast, after lunch before heading back to work, after work before starting the house projects and dinner, while dinner’s simmering on the stove, etc.

Allow yourself to de-stress and enjoy the season by taking 5 minutes to absorb it each day.  You can do it, and YOU DESERVE IT.

Dr Michelle LargentComment