Crisis vs. Opportunity

The Chinese symbol for Crisis is the same as Opportunity.

My heart continues to be heavy with grief and sorrow for the devastation that was created by the Camp Fire.  I heard someone say we’ve all been directly or indirectly affected.  I believe we’ve all been directly affected.  This is the tragedy of a lifetime for our community.

And yet, out of this tragedy have emerged many bright spots. 

I have witnessed my community come together like I’ve never seen.  Every person I speak with is looking for a way to help and give back.  Supplies like clothing, food, and resources abound!  Community members are consistently looking for ways to volunteer and finding joy in their service.  Many local efforts have been created to raise money and donate money to the relief efforts, which will be needed for months to come.  It’s reassuring and comforting.

I’ve also spoken with many who are seeing the tragedy of losing their home and belongings as an opportunity to start fresh.  Some people I know are even choosing to start fresh in a whole new geographic location!  They talk about doing something they’ve always wanted to but have felt tied down.  Now they have freedom!  What an amazing perspective!

Another bright spot I’ve witnessed first hand is the desire for people to increase their level of self-care.  Wayne Dyer is known for saying, “you can’t give what you don’t have.”  I find this SO TRUE, especially when it comes to caring for and loving others.  If you don’t care for and love yourself, how can you expect to give it to the people you love and serve?

 This past week we served more people than average because those people are choosing self-care and self-love in the midst of the chaos we’ve experienced.  Perhaps you can create a bit more space (just a bit…) to provide some self-care for you.  Once you’re recharged, you can be more effective, and less drained!, when you help others.   

What does self-care look like?  Maybe a 5-minute ‘adult’ time out.  Maybe doing a float or stopping into the Oxygen Bar at TrueRest Float Spa.  Reading a book.  Getting a massage or acupuncture treatment.  A YouTube yoga session or indoor meditation.  Maybe, it’s getting adjusted to clear the static in your nervous system.

There are lots of opportunities for self-care and giving yourself MORE LOVE!  

As we wade through the unfolding of this crisis in the coming weeks and months, I encourage you continue to create opportunities to provide self-care and self-love for YOU.  This is the best way you can have the full capacity to care for others. 

And, like other communities who have experienced unspeakable tragedy – they created the opportunities to rise, and so will we.

Through crisis & opportunity, we’re here to empower you and those you love. 

Dr Michelle LargentComment