Cheese or Cheesy?

Today my mom sent me this link about how eating cheese can increase your lifespan. (Sounds tasty, doesn't it?!!) 

After reading the article, here was my response to her:

"Interesting. Just like lots of foods, the original creation of cheese probably wasn't bad. However, foods have been so poorly grown and manufactured that the negative qualities far exceed the benefits. Sure the spermidine is good for you, bit it doesn't give people a free license to eat hormones, antibiotics, and lactose (all potentially in the cheese) without consequence. There CAN be good things in cheese, but just like every other food, sourcing is super important."

Sometimes I find it a little cheesy (pun intended) when people tout the ONE benefit they picked out of a complex food.  Just like our bodies are a complex creation, so is the food we consume.

Next time you're meal planning or shopping for food, remember, quality is critical.  As much as possible, shop local, buy organic, and read the ingredient labels.  

If you're curious for more information about how to shop for quality foods, please reach out to us.  We're experts at guiding people toward better health.