Chiropractic Care


There’s nothing mysterious about chiropractic care.  It is a natural healing method designed to discover the cause of symptoms and correct that cause, rather than just treating symptoms.  By addressing the cause, your body is able to maximize healing to feel and function its best.


Symptoms -like pain and dysfunction- are your body’s way of telling you something’s not working properly.  Symptoms arise because of interference in nerve communication.  Interference comes from poor movement and/or misalignment of your spine (subluxation).  The nervous system is the master control system and chiropractic adjustments help remove interference in that system.  With a healthy spine and nervous system, you have optimum opportunity to resist disease and ill health, and your body is able to restore healthy function.

How It Benefits Me

The natural state of your body is that it should be awesomely healthy!  Chiropractic has a simple yet powerful premise: Your body is a self-regulating, self-developing, and self-healing organism, guided by communication between your brain and body using your nervous system.  Your spine is the lifeline of nervous system communication.  A normally functioning spine and healthy nerve system optimize your body’s ability to self-regulate, self-develop, and self-heal so you can return to your natural state. At Chico Spine & Wellness we help you with the two keys to optimal function: a healthy spine and a healthy lifestyle.  These two simple steps allow you to be awesomely healthy!



Restoring health takes effort, dedication, time, energy, and consistency.  When you seek to truly correct your health issues, you’re no longer slapping a band-aid on for short term relief – you’re actually restoring health and creating the possibility to reach your potential.

Our unique approach to care and our system of postural exercises, adjustments, and therapy work to restore health from the inside out.  Through additional education, we equip patients with knowledge and understanding to keep them well in the long run.

The common thread among patients who see the best results is that they are motivated and committed to correcting their spinal health issues rather than looking for a short-term solution to pain. Making improvements to your health is certainly hard work. We are here to help – with experience, skill, and an approach that promotes lasting change.


Wellness Workshops

We want to empower you to be healthy.  One of the ways we pass on knowledge about health is through our Wellness Workshops.  Every Monday night, we host a 30 minute workshop about different aspects of health and wellness.  They’re a community service, so bring a friend or loved one and join us to empower your health!