Success Stories


Marie's Story 

When I first met with Dr. Michelle my blood pressure was high, my anxiety even higher, I had awful pressure headaches, dizzying brain fog, a terrible sleeping pattern, a weak bladder, irregular menstrual cycle, rashes, heartburn, restless legs, did I already mention anxiety? It was bad. And the list went on and on. I had forgotten what it was like to live. I simply existed day by day, becoming increasingly terrified at what would become of me. I was not really sure what to expect when I was referred to Chico Spine and Wellness. As far as I knew I had no issues with my back other than an occasion sore muscle, so how was getting my back cracked going to fix the millions of other issues I was having? 

Oh, man was I in for a surprise! I have never had another doctor spend the amount of time that Dr. Michelle spent with me on my first visit. She listened to all of my concerns and explained to me how and why chiropractic care could help. "We can fix that!", she would say with the most sincere and infectious smile I have ever seen. Where others merely handed me prescriptions, she gave me hope for positive change that did not come from a bottle. That hope was priceless, and the key to starting my recovery.

Immediately after that initial visit my blood pressure dropped and after my first adjustment I went from waking up 5-7 times a night to waking up only 3 times. It's amazing what a good nights sleep can do for you and even more amazing how balanced your life can become under the care and guidance of Dr. Michelle and her amazing staff. Almost all my symptoms are gone and I no longer fear getting older. I see myself becoming physically, emotionally, and spiritually stronger. Each and every day is now a positive step forward to living my life to the fullest it can possibly be!


Doug’s Story

 As my mild back and shoulder pain gradually worsened, I decided it was time to seek chiropractic care. When I would drive long distances, the pain in my shoulder would become so excruciating that I would have to pull off to the side of the road and rest for a while.  My pain was limiting my daily activities and I thought to myself, “I guess that’s what happens when you get old!” I had also been taking one or more aspirin daily for years for pain when finally, I decided I was ready to find a new solution and sought chiropractic care at Chico Spine & Wellness. Since coming to Chico Spine & Wellness, the stiffness in my shoulder is minimal and the pain in my lower back is practically gone. Actively participating in chiropractic care has allowed me to stop taking aspirin and the results of the treatments have changed my life.  I am now able to perform daily activities that I enjoy. I haven’t felt this good in at least 10 years!


Bianca’s Story

For ten years, I had been suffering from pain due to an injury and came to Dr. Michelle in hope of improving my health. In past experience with chiropractic care, adjustments were just a temporary fix. Dr. Michelle, however, has changed my lifestyle forever. I began feeling the effects of the results after 1-2 months of chiropractic care at Chico Spine & Wellness. I am now able to exercise and experience much less pain. The staff at Chico Spine & Wellness is very caring, compassionate, and truly want to help me live a healthy life. I am grateful to you all for helping me improve my life! Thank you! 


Jason’s Story

For the past 20 years, I have intermittently suffered with lower back pain.  More recently, the pain in my back had become constant and the loss of mobility kept me for going to work. I decided to try chiropractic care again after having success 15 years ago. Within the first month of receiving treatment at CS&W I have become more mobile, flexible, and in much less pain!  Dr. Michelle has addressed my back problems with adjustments, traction, and back strengthening exercises. I feel my health improving every day!


Mike’s Story

After over a decade of heavy lifting at work, my health and body was in really bad shape. I felt pain daily and the medications I was taking had side effects that were more harmful than helpful. I finally broke down and decided to make an appointment to see Dr. Michelle. Throughout the healing process, she adjusted my spine and educated me about managing my health and spine. She has changed my life as a result of chiropractic treatments.






Vanessa’s Story

I’ve been a chiropractic patient and living with neck pain since I fell off a roof at age nine. My neck pain woke me up every night.  Every day I felt low back pain which prevented me from dancing as much as I wanted.  I love to dance and have a passion for teaching belly dancing.  Over the years, I’ve had to give up playing the flute, the violin, and sailing with my husband.  On top of all that, my sleep was continuously interrupted because of neck pain.  In fact, my family has told me that I am very grumpy due to my lack of sleep.  My neck and back pain had been so severe that the continued pain severely affected my life for the past two years.

 My experience at Chico Spine & Wellness has been extremely positive.  I enjoy the openness of the office; it’s refreshing and it allows me to interact with other patients.  Dr. Michelle is wonderful, caring and helps me solve the underlying issues by educating me about living a healthy lifestyle.  Not until I met Dr. Michelle, did I realize that I had only been receiving care to “relieve the pain” instead of really addressing the underlying problem. Since receiving treatment at Chico Spine & Wellness the decreased pain level has allowed me to sleep all through the night.  Now, it’s actually rare if I wake up in the middle of the night due to pain.  The best part of this is that my family  has told me that I am not grumpy anymore!  I am also now able to sew late into the night with no neck pain!  I can now dance with my husband and intend to go on a sailing adventure soon!   I’m actually happy again! Continuing my care at Chico Spine and Wellness has helped me keep motivated and helped changed my health, not just manage my pain.


Barbara’s Story

I first started coming to Chico Spine and Wellness Center because, I was unhappy with my posture.  I caught a look at myself in a window one day and thought I held myself the same way as someone in their 80’s (and I’m only 68).  I also was experiencing pain and headaches at least 3 or 4 times a week.  After the first 12 weeks of treatments, I was amazed at the difference in my posture and well being. I started boxing about 4 years ago to get through my sister’s death.  It has become my favorite part of working out – sort of the carrot at the end of my workout.  What amazed me is how my improved posture and mobility has made a difference in my boxing.  I’m more flexible and able to workout easier.  My back pain has greatly decreased and I only have headaches about 2 times a month now.  My blood pressure wasn't really high to begin with, but it has also decreased about 10 points.  My doctor was quite pleased!  I am currently continuing with adjustments and traction and seeing more improvement. Thank You Dr. Michelle.


Lola’s Story

I was diagnosed with Lupus 15 years ago and have suffered through two other serious illnesses that left my body feeling incredibly weak and in severe chronic pain. I was also sleep deprived and constantly felt aching, soreness, and discomfort in my neck.

Since I experienced success with chiropractic in the past, I decided to pursue the holistic healing approach again with Chico Spine and Wellness. Almost immediately, I felt my body retrieve strength and I feel full of energy and stamina. Dr. Michelle prepared a spinal rehabilitation program which is unique to my body’s needs and health goals. The spinal corrective program which I partook included regular traction therapy and exercises that were extremely beneficial. My sleep has drastically improved and my pain has been relieved.  As a result of the care at Chico Spine and Wellness my entire system began to function better, improving the quality of my life. I still continue wellness care at Chico Spine and Wellness, and my illnesses no longer have the upper hand.

Angela’s Story

angela alcantar pic.jpg

For over five years, I have suffered from severe abdominal and pelvic pain. After a failed hysterectomy and subsequent surgery, I noticed my pain was the same if not worse. I tried medications, biofeedback, and even went to UCD for a second opinion only to be told I had to live with my chronic pain. It became very difficult trying to live my life to the fullest with my many obligations of working as a full time registered nurse and volunteering at the local animal shelter. One day, as I dropped a 35lb bag of food at the animal shelter, I cried as I realized I could not continue doing the work I so loved to do. My life seemed dismal and it was greatly affected. 

In 2012, I came across an ad in the Chico News and Review and decided to call Chico Spine & Wellness to see if there was anything that could be done to relieve my pain. What I noticed about Dr. Michelle was her in depth knowledge and ability to not only really hear what I was saying, but to also understand completely how my body was affected.  After taking and reviewing my spinal x-rays, I immediately trusted her and felt she was my only hope at improving my health. I agreed to commit 3 day per week and complete a spinal corrective rehabilitation program. After a short time, I not only got relief from my neck and shoulder pain, but my abdominal and pelvic pain completely went away. I was feeling physically and emotionally better! Dr. Michelle gave me relief from the pain I had been accustomed to living with. 

Recently, I completed a 3K Doggy Dash with my daughter and daughter-in-law to raise money for an animal shelter. There would not have been a chance of me participating in such an awesome event without Dr. Michelle’s chiropractic care. I am enjoying the things in life I love again such as exercising, walking, skiing, and fostering of animals. CS&W has greatly changed my life. My husband says Chico Spine & Wellness gave him back his wife!  Thank you Dr. Michelle from the bottom of my heart.  


Carol’s Story

My neck, upper and lower back has been extremely painful for a great portion of my life.  I could not sit straight or lean on the back of a chair without pain.  Even though I went to Chiropractors for many years, the treatment results lasted only for a while, and my condition regressed again in a matter of months.

From the beginning, I was impressed by the compassion shown at Chico Spine & Wellness and began seeing results after my first few visits. I am now able to do more along with having more energy. It’s so good being able to walk straighter and have my weight equally distributed on both feet. Believe it or not, I’ve had better results in less time at CS&W than other chiropractors I’ve been to!


Nicole’s Story

           Why Chiropractic Care Rocks!

 Suffering from two herniated discs and spinal misalignment, I have had pain for nearly 20 years.  I saw a Chiropractor many years ago, after trying nearly all forms of relief from medication to surgery.  I left his office in tears and had to be carried to my car unable to walk.  I vowed never again to go to a Chiropractor!

 Then I met Dr. Anderson.  She examined me thoroughly, explaining everything that was happening in my body and how it was all "connected".  She listened to my fears, talked about the procedure and went slow. I was thrilled to have someone in tune with my body, who wasn't just popping, cracking and maneuvering my body into positions it was never meant to be in. That is not true chiropractic healing!

 Knowing that chiropractic care is all connected to the brain, sending signals to heal my body and keep it on track was key for me to embrace my adjustments. Your brain houses a blueprint or map of your body connecting the roads, keeping you strong and healthy.   Proper, gentle spinal alignment (when you’re not already experiencing pain) is the best way to remain pain free!

 Now, my body knows when it needs an adjustment - my brain tells me so!  I can feel the immediate release and healing begin after each visit with Dr. Anderson. A big thank you to Dr. Anderson and her awesome, friendly staff for healing our community!


Manny’s Story

When I was in my late teens, I was very active.  I cycled 120 miles a week and ran about 20 miles a week.  I also weight trained 5-6 days a week for about 3 hours a day and felt like I could accomplish anything.  When I ventured off to college, my physical activity lessened with long hours in the library and I injured my lower back.  I went to a doctor who misdiagnosed me and then saw a sports medicine doctor who recommended surgery with little to no examination.  My posture was bent forward and my leg felt like it dragged when I walked.  I felt like I walked around like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. The pain was very intense, so I decided to seek care from a chiropractor that was recommended to me by a family friend.  He took x-rays and when he showed me the results, he described my tailbone as sticking straight out like a puppy tail. My hips were also misaligned which caused one leg to be a few inches longer.  He immediate started treatments and within 2 ½ weeks, I was walking straight and with minor pain.

A few years passed, all while having to do several hours of warming up to even fully stand up. I was able to perform some activities, but was afraid because I would reinjure myself easily and put me out of commission for weeks.  One day, I pushed myself too hard and was unable to move.  I thought I’d be paralyzed and my attitude was very dark due to the constant pain and numbness.  The neurosurgeon I met advised me to go swimming and perform other exercises as an alternative to surgery.  I slowly progressed but lived with inflexibility, discomfort, and stiffness.  I slowly stopped doing all the activities I once enjoyed; rarely had energy, gained weight, and felt unhealthy.

            Then, a few years back, I decided to redo my health from the ground up.  I changed the way I ate and began exercising regularly. Then, I hurt my neck and another cycle began.  I let it progress and began feeling awful again, and also experienced migraines and tiredness.  After a few years, I decided to try chiropractic care again. I started seeing Dr. Michelle in 2013 and immediately felt improvements.  Now, armed with exercise, diet, and a steady flow of adjustments I am happily doing the activities I once did as a late teen. In the last year, I have cycled over 45 miles and taken backpacking trips I wouldn’t have even attempted in the past. I have also participated in mud runs and I even jumped out of a plane!  With the help of Chico Spine and Wellness, I receive support and education each visit to maintain the triangle of solid healthy living. I encourage everyone I know to give chiropractic care a try. I have seen major improvements in my quality of life and feel years younger! 


David’s Story

After two bouts of a semi-rare cancer (derma-fibro-protuberon sarcoma) and the ensuing botched surgeries, I was left with damaged muscle and fascial tissue, an eleven inch scar, and blinding constant pain. I had tried just about every therapy on the market to no avail and was pretty much resigned to the fact that I would be dependent on HEAVY narcotics just to be able to walk. Then a friend asked if I had tried a chiropractor. I confess that I went in to my first and second adjustments as a skeptic. Then after my third visits something interesting happened. I forgot to take my narcotic muscle relaxers before bed…AND I STILL SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!

That was over three years ago.  Although I may have pain for the rest of my life, it is now manageable. I have been able to decrease the medications that I take over half and I believe that I can keep that amazing record going.

Maybe one of the things that I am MOST grateful for is the change in my mobility. I am able to be a father of three energetic boys again! I am a functioning and productive partner to my wife again! I am even able to take on the role as a full time caregiver to my Alzheimer’s stricken father. None of this would have been possible without Chico Spine & Wellness. Take it from a (former) skeptic; you have nothing to lose in trying except possibly your pain and stiffness. 


Judy’s Story

At age 67, I want to have an active life and feel well in the process. Chiropractic care has helped me achieve a balance that allows me to feel better which therefore, helps me to be more active. Headaches have always been an issue for me, but with my adjustments the frequency and severity has greatly lessened.