" Do you know women who are overwhelmed or going through a stressful life situation? Do you want to inspire them and see them move from goals to success? So do I."

- Dr. Michelle


Dr. Michelle Largent, DC empowers people, especially women, to create success during overwhelming, challenging life situations. Through principled Chiropractic care and nutrition, she helps them take control of their health and their life. She listens, instills hope, and provides knowledge to move them forward. The result? A healthier body, healthier habits, more mental clarity, and a stronger sense of self. The idea of succeeding becomes attainable. 

For 10 years, Dr. Michelle has led people through health crises and inspired them to be successful in reaching their wellness goals. She's lived and worked in Chico since 2010. Like many, she feels Chico is her hometown, and she's committed to improving the health of her community. 

At Chico Spine & Wellness, we offer  Community Outreach through our Worksite Wellness program, serving groups of 5-500 throughout Northern California. We provide Skills to Empower your audience to achieve True Health. 




15-30 Minute presentation

Choose a topic below or customize your own
-Brain Fog? Ditch it!
-Reduce Stress & Create More Peace
- Your Mind- Body Connection
- Posture Perfect! For Increased Productivity

Healthy snacks provided

Handout included

We bring all AV equipment



Participants Leave with:

A Sense if empowerment regarding health

learn knowledge in True Health- what is is and how to achieve it

Increased productivity & focus

A challenge to take ONE more action toward better health today

Inspiration to create more peace in their life by gaining control of their health